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It is said that the 3rd Monday of January is the saddest day of the whole year. This is thought to be brought about by several factors. It is no doubt due to the let down which often occurs after Christmas, financial worries brought about by over spending, lack of discipline with eating habits over the holidays, as well as diminished daylight and the cold dark nights. 

 And this mind-set could be even more significant this year due to the added challenges of COVID-19 - sadness and disappointment over the inability of the usual gatherings with loved ones and friends, and of course the inevitable concerns about the ongoing pandemic. 

However, we have good news. We are planning a webinar, an online presentation, which will be held on this year's designated Blue Monday, on January 18 at 7:00 pm. We will feature Counsellor Linda Lambert, Nutritional Consultant Sarah Hobbs and Pastor Trevor Main along with a very special video exploring this topic further and giving us tips about how to overcome the blue feelings we might be experiencing.