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You can find resources we recommend and videos to help support your mental health needs.

It is said that the 3rd Monday of January is the saddest day of the whole year. This is thought to be brought about by several factors. It is no doubt due to the let down which often occurs after Christmas, financial worries brought about by over spending, lack of discipline with eating habits over the holidays, as well as diminished daylight and the cold dark nights. 

 And this mind-set could be even more significant this year due to the added challenges of COVID-19 - sadness and disappointment over the inability of the usual gatherings with loved ones and friends, and of course the inevitable concerns about the ongoing pandemic.

However, we have good news. We hosted a webinar featuring Counsellor Linda Lambert, Nutritional Consultant Sarah Hobbs and Pastor Trevor Main along with a very special video exploring this topic further and giving us tips about how to overcome the blue feelings we might be experiencing. 

Resources from Sarah Jane Hobbs:

How we think and feel is directly affected by what we take into our bodies.” (P. Holford)

Thank you for attending this evening – for those that would like to study further, I recommend the following resources:

Book Suggestion:

New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind by Patrick Holford


Kicking Sugar: – fantastic meal planning – Dr. Abram Hoffer (Cdn)

Videos to watch:

Feed Your Head Video about Abram Hoffer

The beginning is about schizophrenia but at min 19 he explains so well mental health and nutrition for any pursuit to wellbeing!

2 minute summary of mental health by Patrick Holford : Nutrition for the Mind

Fish Dilemma (which ones, less toxic, high Omega 3 etc.):

The great news is that when you start to take care of yourself, you start to feel better. So maybe today you are thinking of your mental health and what you can do to help you not feel so blue, but as you start down this path to better health, you will inadvertently start to feel better in other ways too. Your stomach feels better, your body isn't as creaky or 'old', your immune system is stronger... making changes to your diet and your supplement regime is transformational. Things will get better so congratulations for whatever change you decide to make today. It WILL make a difference. Keep listening to your body and don't give up the fight. It is a fight but you can win.


It's probably not a topic that you discuss very often, and even if suicide hasn't been on your mind, it has likely been on the mind of someone you love and care about. It is estimated that the grief and distress from each suicide impacts 136 people. 

On Monday November 2 at 7pm we hosted a webinar on ZOOM that focused on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. The webinar focused on how to give help, and there was also be some information on how to get the help available.

You can watch the webinar on our YouTube Channel by clicking the link below.

Here are some numbers you can contact if you or someone you know is in a crisis:

    Canada - Suicide Prevention 1-833-456-4566

  Canada - Kid's Helpline – phone 1-800-668-6868

                         - text 686868

   USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 

   Go to your local hospital

   Tell someone


  • Andrea Groenewald

Registered Psychotherapist

Contact information: Five Star Relationships for counselling, coaching or presentations not a crisis service:



  • Nicole Smith

UR WORTH MORE MINISTRIES - Suicide Prevention/Intervention Training

To register visit UR Worth More on Facebook or Eventbrite

To host an ASIST or safeTALK training class or for more information contact Nicole at or call 905-328-8368.


  • Linda Lambert - BA Psych, M Div, D Min Candidate

Linda is a Pastoral Counsellor with a focus on marriage and family, mental health and grief issues.

Contact Linda at (289) 442-8056

  • Elisha House: Biblical Counselling: 905-735-9934

  • South Niagara Life Ministries Counselling: 905-871-0236

  • Suggested grief resources

  • “Grieving a Suicide: A Loved One’s Search for Comfort, Answers and Hope” by Albert Y.Hsu – available on
  • GriefShare online support group – visit


If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. This session of GRIEFSHARE will be held both on ZOOM and in person. Please contact our Parish Nurse, Connie Harper ( if you have any questions.

Our next session will be held on Tuesday (in-person) or Wednesday (online) evenings at 7pm

Please register here:

In these times of uncertainty and imposed social and physical limitations because of the global pandemic, our daily lives have been disrupted and it is affecting our family's psychological well-being. Parents, children and marriages are under tremendous strain as dining rooms have become classrooms, and bedrooms have become home offices. Parents are trying to balance the demands of teaching their children and working from home while the whole family is forced to shelter together 24/7 with the worries of a deadly disease and the uncertainty of job security, income, and if it will ever be normal again. 

This video presentation on Strengthening the Family in the Midst of a Crisis will explore how you and your family can deal with the stress and anxiety of living in the middle of a global health crisis. You will learn how to help your family handle the distress of the epidemic in practical and healthy ways so that the whole family will be more resilient both now and when the coronavirus outbreak is over.  

Presented by Wainfleet BIC Church by Linda Lambert, B.A., M.Div., D.Min. Candidate;

Pastoral Counsellor, Marriage and Family Counselling with Kardia Counselling

We’d like to recommend this video to you. It is an excellent resource, and well worth your time to watch. We’d love for you to share this video with others who may also find it helpful. 

Glenn Robitaille, a credentialed BIC pastor and director of ethics and spiritual care at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishene, ON, provides advice on how to cope with loss in times of crisis. How to thrive and not just survive.

This workshop may be particularly helpful with coping with all the losses you may be experiencing in this current pandemic of COVID-19.