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Living Legacy

Living Legacy Giving

No one exits this life without giving everything away. This is part of our legacy. We have the opportunity to decide where the accumulated assets God has provided us will be given. 

The Bible introduces us to Joseph, an individual who provides us with a Living Legacy Model as he planned to provide for future needs. His plan for Egypt resulted in saving many lives. Jesus’ teaching provides us with a Living Legacy Mandate, showing us how giving through the church is a way of laying up treasures in heaven while meeting needs here on earth. 

Living legacy giving is something you can arrange for in the present that will meet needs in the future. Such giving can offer significant tax advantages for you and your estate while reflecting your commitment to being a faithful caretaker of all God’s blessings.

All gifts given as a Living Legacy to the Wainfleet Be In Christ Church will help ensure this congregation will flourish for generations to come. The interest earned on the growing balance in the Living Legacy Fund will be used to support the congregation’s growing ministry, bringing renewal and peace at home and around the world.    

Two excellent avenues for Legacy Giving may be considered

1.  Living memorials: This includes gifts “In Memory” of loved ones who have passed away and gifts “In Honour” of people’s accomplishments or achievements. Gifts in Honour can be given on special occasions such as: birthdays, anniversaries or retirements. All memorials have benefit. Flowers are fragrant but fleeting. Monuments are permanent but lack life. Living memorials express love with longevity.  

2.  Planned gifts: These gifts reflect the givers’ conscientious desire to invest their God-given assets in a manner that reflects their commitment to God, their love for His church and the pattern of generosity that they have established over the course of their life. Invested in Wainfleet’s Living Legacy Fund such gifts form part of God’s Kingdom equity in perpetuity.

Some examples of planned gifts that could be given to Wainfleet’s Living Legacy Fund include:

Bequests: These are gifts left to the church through your will. A gift like this can significantly reduce your estate taxes which means you can be generous to the church without affecting the residue of your estate for your family.

Gift Annuities: This option allows you to give a gift in support of the church while receiving a lifetime guaranteed income and some big tax breaks.

Life Insurance: Planning to name the church as the beneficiary of a life Insurance policy allows you to give a larger gift to God’s Kingdom in the future for a lower cost now.

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds: Donating publicly traded securities to the church significantly reduces tax on your capital gains and gives you the option to be more generous.

RRSPs and RRIFs: The sum total of these are taxable to your beneficiaries; however, they may not be taxed if they are invested in the future ministry of the church.

Gifts-in-Kind: Your gifts of antiques, jewelry, art, money or other property to the Wainfleet Be In Christ Church’s Living Legacy Fund is another way you can plan to practice biblical stewardship, receive a tax credit and invest in the future.

Members of the Wainfleet Be In Christ Living Legacy Team are ready to assist you. They can provide you with a Will-Planning Workbook and refer you as needed, to people who offer personal, professional service to help you leave the Living Legacy you desire.

For more information feel free to contact:

Pastor Trevor Main:      

Church Treasurer John Finkbiner:

Or call the church office 905-899-1343